About Us

KAPIL JEWELS is a small family-run business with a fast-growing reputation for high quality, classic jewellery. With many years of experience we are passionate about creating the ultimate in desirable jewellery.

We are proud to combine the best of traditional craftsmanship with fine contemporary style to produce a unique range that will cater for all tastes and requirements of the customer.

Located in Jaipur at the heart of Rajasthan’s gemstone district, KAPIL JEWELS is superbly placed to source the best range of semi-precious and precious stones. Including Diamonds, Rubies, Emeralds, Sapphires and many more.

Keeping our eye on global trends and fashion influences within the market, we use a team of designers and highly skilled local craftsmen, combined with a range of materials including gold, silver and brass to create timeless concepts and works of art.


After working in the jewellery industry for thirteen years, Kapil Rai founded KAPIL JEWELS in 2013 and has gathered around him a dynamic young team of gemmologists, jewellery designers, lapidaries and metal workers.

He strives to work with upcoming and emerging designers, focusing on current fashionable styles.

KAPIL JEWELS has a creative synergy that captures the best of contemporary trends in jewellery design and combines it with the timeless traditional values of Rajasthani craftsmanship to produce a range of jewels that are effective and useable.

Kapil has been exporting high end jewelry, in a range of Gold, Silver and Brass across the world, which has given him great experience in working with a multitude of people, understanding their specific needs to the highest of quality.

Kapil prides himself as a modern and contemporary jeweller. Whilst also having the facilities to produce a range of global classic trends.

KAPIL JEWELS has a high spirited, flexible and creative workforce, who would be delighted to work closely with you to craft the jewellery to which you aspire. We currently export our jewellery around the world including the USA and Canada, Australia, UAE and Europe and are constantly striving to develop new markets and commercial partnerships to benefit our customers around the globe.